Eight Phases of our Coding Bootcamp

The Full Stack program is designed to prepare students to learn all facets of developing web-based software and applications. This program is offered through a blend of online video conferencing along with residential training for those that are enrolled at our physical campuses. Students will be assessed based on the quality of completed projects, presentations to the class exhibiting their understanding of the subject matter, and one-on-one interviews with the Chief Academic Officer.

1. Info Session
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Find out about our Coding Bootcamps during our weekly, free Info Sessions. Our senior instructors will give you an honest and in-depth look at what a bootcamp is like, job placement, financing, and how Sabio provides a very unique program with leading-edge content and training. You’ll also get all of your questions answered, no matter how big or small, in a warm and inviting environment.

We believe Info Sessions are critical to helping you make an informed decision, whether you choose Sabio or any other bootcamp.

Information Sessions are 100% free, include parking, and are located at all our campuses in Culver City, Downtown LA and Irvine. Can’t attend? Join us remotely online for any one of them.

Get all your questions answered! Attend an InfoSession
2. PreWork
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Interested in learning to code? Prework is just what you need to get started. As soon as you apply to Sabio and get accepted, you gain complete access to our free courses and become eligible to participate in our free, 4-week PreWork program. PreWork gives you an introduction to the materials and skill sets you will need to participate in the Sabio Coding Bootcamp. During PreWork, you will learn to code and build a foundation for the programming language you will be taught which is Javascript.

Sign up for PreWork to solidify your skillset.
3. Cohort
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Our cohorts prepare you to work in a professional environment with a team. Our 13-week Coding Bootcamp program consists of two parts; 11 weeks of pure coding and 2 weeks of intensive job preparation with your newly refined skills.

During the first 11 weeks, we teach you how to develop, think, and create like a professional software engineer. From day one, you will learn client-side frameworks, database architectures, APIs, tools, and an entire range of hard and soft skills that will prepare you for your next job. You will also learn how to conduct 2-week coding sprints and be involved with daily standups. Most evenings you will also give a Code Talk, which will train you to talk like an engineer and present your ideas and code to large groups, a key skill needed to secure a tech job.

Our instructors provide extremely collaborative and personalized attention, while pushing you to maximize your potential in a highly rewarding 13-week program. Each student will complete a number of team projects, including a real, main development project that will serve as the cornerstone of their professional portfolio.

4. Alumni Room
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At Sabio Coding Bootcamp, our relationship with you doesn’t end as soon as you graduate. Our dedicated career team does their utmost best to help you get the job that you want. Every instructor and staff member is also part of the support group that will work with you to secure a successful career as a software engineer.

At both our Irvine and Culver City campus, we have an “Alumni Room,” which is a room dedicated to, and exclusively for all of our alumni. Here you can come in, take a load off and utilize our staff and campus resources to facilitate your job search and/or work on your projects.

Additionally, we offer “Brown Bag Lunches” for all of our alumni, where you can bring your lunch and have dedicated face to face time with a Sabio instructor as they help you understand new and advanced concepts. It is an opportune time to ask any questions about tech recruiters, job applications and request general advice or help that you need.

At Sabio, you’re not just attending a coding bootcamp. We welcome you into our family that is here to grow and nurture your career for years to come.

5. Hackathons
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Every quarter, Sabio instructors support Sabio fellows at a large-scale industry Hackathon. This is the chance for you to add invaluable expertise to your resume while competing for cash prizes, networking and getting to know other members of the Sabio community.

6. Graduation
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Celebrate with your family, friends and cohort-mates at our fun-filled graduations that feature alumni speakers, and awesome food and drinks. You go home with a Sabio Hoodie at graduation and a great time is had by all.

Celebrate in Style!
7. Professional Development - For Life!
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Professional Development for life InfoGraphic green and blue text on white background From January to October, we run a monthly Professional Development Lecture / Workshop Series featuring speakers, such as Tom Occhino from Facebook, who present to the entire Sabio Community. Additionally, we host engineers from companies such as Slack and GitHub to run hands-on lectures and workshops for our entire Sabio Community.

At Sabio the learning never ends!
8. Launch Your Tech Startup
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As a Sabio Alum we can help you launch your tech-enabled business via a cohort build. Additionally, Sabio Alumni receive continued professional development courses and workshops which help startup founders stay current in the industry. We connect you to industry experts and continue to help you develop your professional skill-set, long after you graduate from one of our programs.

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