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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the prerequisites to joining?
We have two options: you can take a technical assessment right away or attend our in-depth PreWork course. At PreWork you get preliminary instruction in all the materials and skillssets needed to complete Sabio Coding Bootcamp.
How do I get accepted?

Our application process is streamlined:

Our application is a vetting process that we have put in place to ensure that there is an appropriate match to our culture and that your determination and commitment to the training meets our standard.

What are the payment options?
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With our Deferred Tuition Program you can make 0 payments until you're working.

We have also set up a financing option with our partners Skills Fund and Sallie Mae

  • The application process is simple, but you must still apply for acceptance
  • There is a deposit due upon registration when you sign up, followed by three low monthly payment plans of your choosing
Not Financed
  • A small payment is required for PreWork & Labs should you choose to attend those programs.
  • Your balance is due within 30 days of the start of your group. We are willing to work with you.
  • All major credit cards are accepted
What is the cost and what do I get?

Unlike other coding bootcamps, we offer a 10-phase training program to ensure that you fully learn and embrace the materials and skills Sabio has to provide your education. From there, we work tirelessly to help you take the next step from student to joining the tech workforce. To put it frankly, we want to help you get the fantastic job you deserve.

Sabio Full Stack Training Phases Summary & Cost

See our Training Phases.

What are the start dates?

See our Schedule.

Have questions or need more info? Email join@Sabio.la or call 1(213) 394-6142

How long is your training?
PreWork - Culver City

Monday & Wednesday Nights: 7pm-10pm
Saturdays: 9am-3pm

Prework - Irvine & Downtown LA

Tuesday & Thursday Nights: 7pm - 10pm
Saturdays 9am-3pm

Full Stack Training

Training takes over your life for at least 12 weeks. There is little room for anything else.

  • Training will last 12 weeks
  • This training program will meet 6 days per week
    9am to 9pm, Monday thru Friday
    Saturday 9am to 3pm
  • There are no days off, and you are required to attend training daily.
Have questions or need more info? Email join@Sabio.la or call 1(213) 394-6142

Ready to get started?

Come to an Info Session

Info Sessions are your chance to meet our instructors in person, get a comprehensive overview of what Sabio has to offer, and what you can expect from our bootcamps.