Gregorio Rojas

CTO and Co-Founder of Sabio


Has been in the software development field across a variety of industries since 1999.

His background allows him to not only provide Fellows with the best technical mentoring and support but also insightful and effective coaching.

He has been building software in the Southern California area since 2000 which has allowed him to build up a vast network of professionals in many tech and startup companies.

What’s your teaching style?

I push my cohort to "code their way to success". I want them to dig for answers and find every possible error they can so that they can understand how to deal with it in the future.

I believe in wrestling with code before I lecture about the given concepts. People are able to generate better questions and gain a deeper understanding when they have seen a piece of software in action.

Founding Sabio

I wanted to do Sabio for most of my career, although I never gave it a name. I started interviewing developer candidates for work very quickly in my career which gave me insights into the actual quality and expertise the industry had to offer.

It was not good. Things are not that much better but we are working to fix that 1 cohort at a time.

As a Founder and lead instructor I enjoy the very same challenges and rewards I used when I was working as a member of development team. I continue to mentor and "build" developers while looking to make the best impact on the company. Today, however, the two things are same.


19 years

coding experience

After completion of his bachelor in Athletic Training Gregorio realized this career would not pay livable wages so he decided to do some research and pursue a career in Software Development.

In 1999, after taking Computer Science courses, he immediately began working as a QA Analyst and later Programmer for The Screenhouse.

Gregorio would accept various positions as a Developer, Lead Developer and CTO in different enterprises until 2007 when he would join as a Lead Developer.

In 2009, he would be the Director of Development at SFW, LLC and later a Senior Developer for Code Particle Inc and TMZ.

In 2012 Gregorio Co-Founded Sabio.

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"Overall I am constantly impressed by the quality of intelligent and good hearted people that make up Sabio’s staff. It is a life changing experience that provides the absolute best instruction, support, mentorship, and community."

Sam Haines Web Developer at Crown Media Family Networks

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