Javier Graduates from Sabio Coding Bootcamp and Lands 3 Offers From Amazing Tech Companies

Prior to Sabio, Javier never thought he’d end up in coding, “I spent 12 years in the air force. After I left active duty, I joined my Dad in his construction business. It was great to have a job waiting for me, but it wasn’t really fulfilling. So I thought I’d try my hand at college and went to San Diego State for civil engineering, but that also didn’t feel right. It seemed like a lot of time and fluff with no guarantee of a job, and I knew I wanted something more challenging. I started looking at options through the VA and found Sabio. Without blinking, I just decided to jump on it and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in my life”

It wasn’t just the VA that coaxed him over to coding, “Funny story is I actually started looking at coding because of my son. He’s nine years old but he already builds games in Visual Studio using C#. So one day he asked me a question about it, if I could help him solve one of his bugs. I looked at it with no earthly clue. I told him then I didn’t know how to help him, but I was going to learn. Now we build games together and when I first started Sabio I knew nothing. HTML, JavaScript, that was all confusing to me, and I think that’s a real testament to Sabio’s teaching.” 

When Javier started Sabio, he went all in, “I dropped everything else to start this and didn’t want to go back. That I think really helped as a motivating factor. I studied as much as I could for the assessments, utilized every tool that Sabio gave you which were all very helpful. Towards the end, I started having a system, I would get on the queue as soon as I could, have lunch, then get on the queue again. It’s amazing how much this set up that Sabio gives you actually works. If you follow their step-by-step, all the questions they give you, the whole structure, everything will click. I took a chance and trusted the process, and now I have a full-time job, it’s crazy!”

At job application time, Javier continued to follow Sabio’s lead, “Once they told me to start applying, I was on it. I applied to as many places as I could. I was also surprised, although I really shouldn’t have been at this point, at how helpful Sabio’s interview prep was.

Their Q&A’s, video’s, instructor mock interviews, they were exactly like the real-life interviews I had. And Sabio was also right about the numbers. I think I submitted hundreds of applications like Sabio suggested, I ended up with a lot of screenings, and ultimately three job offers all at once. One was for NASA, another was for a company called Black Knight, and then Amazon. I had actually accepted the Black Knight offer first, but then about a week later, Amazon emailed me offering me a job. So then I had to go back and tell Black Knight I needed to decline that offer, and then a few days later NASA called saying they had a job offer for me. It was kind of nuts. I remembered that Gregorio Rojas (Sabio’s CTO & Co-Founder) did say a few times that you’ll get a ton of rejections, then all of the sudden, it’s just going to pour. That’s pretty much exactly what happened. “


Now a paid apprentice at Amazon, Javier couldn’t be happier, “You go for 18-weeks and basically get paid to learn the whole Amazon process. Then, after you transition over to your “on the job,” training, you’re on an actual team. You do that for up to one year or if they think you’re finished before that and then they pretty much offer you a full-time position. To start, the salary is $53/h which equates to $110K a year, but then they giv eyou a $10K signing bonus, so you’re basically making $120/k annually off the bat. NASA had offered me $90K, Black Knight I was able to negotiate to $95K, but ultimately Amazon won out. I’m still processing the fact that I even had all thes opportunities to begin with. Like I said, going to Sabio is probably the best decision I ever made.”


Javier was hired by: Amazon logo


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