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Sabio Women In Tech Scholarship

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Get ready for a new career in tech! At Sabio, we offer a generous Women in Tech scholarship to women looking to transition into a career in tech and become software engineers or tech entrepreneurs. Women that are interested in the Jill H. Mayes Women in Tech scholarship must demonstrate significant interest in furthering their tech education via the Sabio Coding Bootcamp. In addition, women that have been affected by COVID-19 will be given priority.

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Ok, but is it worth it?

According to Course Report, the number of women pursuing Computer Science degrees are decreasing, but the number of women enrolling in bootcamps is increasing. Women are starting to see the benefits of a tech career (including increased salary, job enjoyment, and career security). So, is it worth? We sure think so.

Let's look at the numbers

Data taken from Course Report. March, 2021.

35% info graphic

Grads are Women

compared to 21% with Computer Science Degrees

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Average Salary Lift after Bootcamp

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Satisfaction with Bootcamp

Sabio Grads are happy with their experience

Tassia Paschoal

"I went from working in a flip flop store in Huntington Beach, not able to find a job with my degree, to making a great salary for my age (25). Sabio helped change my life. I hope you give coding a chance and maybe try out Sabio as well."

Tassia Paschoal, Software Engineer
Tassia Paschoal
Jeslyn Leon

"Just do it. A lot of people are hesitant because it can be a lot. From someone who completely understands and also went full-fledged into it and is now seeing the benefits from it, you literally just have to trust the process. It actually works. Just go and do it. It will work for you. It can be intimidating and intense, but the results are incredible. Here I am 9 months later as a .NET developer and I didn't even know what HTML was last summer."

Jeslyn Leon, .NET Developer
Paulina Maleszewski

"In my wildest dreams I could not picture this happening for myself. I am so happy I put my trust in Sabio and with their assistance partnered with my relentless perseverance I was able to land a job many people only dream about! I am so blessed and thankful for the experience I had with Sabio. Thank you to ALL Sabio faculty esp Gregorio, Liliana and my bomb instructor Mike!..."

Paulina Maleszewski, Digital Analyst
Paulina Maleszewski

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