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Program Highlights

Do you need a web site or application built?

Are you a founder looking to get your prototype built for investors?

What You Get

  • An MVP/Prototype of your Application
  • Work closely with a Senior level Architect Developer to design and develop your MVP.
  • We position your MVP for growth and flexiblity
  • A team of Jr Developers that works under the direction of our Senior staff to deliver your MVP

Summary of Your Deliverables/Contributions

  • A stack ranked list of features/functionality that your application requires
  • Wire Frames
  • HTML, CSS and Image Assets

    We prefer to work from ready made themes from one of the many "Theme Stores" found on the Web

  • Availability for regular in-person or remote meetings with Team during development. You can plan for about 1 hour every week for about 10 weeks.

Where You Need to Be Flexible

  • We focus on Software Development not UX so we need ready made UI Assests. We cannot devote significant amount of time to UI work. For an example of the assests we would like for your to deliver please visit this site: https://wrapbootstrap.com/
  • We deliver Mobile Responsive Applications with a well designed and "separate" API. This gives you the ability to quickly developer a Native Client on top off the same backend API.
  • Scheduling of your project is dependant on many factors including compensation. We do accept projects for no compensation, but we may prioritize other projects ahead of these free projects.

What We Ask of You

  • You allow our team to demo the application to hiring managers and recruiters. (We would protect any relevant IP)
  • You will make yourself available for reference calls for any team members that you work with. Letters of recommendation would suffice when appropriate.
  • You allow our team members to list your new venture on their LinkedIn Profiles and resumes.

Getting Started

  • Subscribe below to receive more details about the process
  • Email mvps@sabio.la us enough information about your application that we will be able to determine what it is that you want us to build.
  • Important things to include:
    • Does your app require Blockchain
    • A pitch deck would be great