Consistency and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Keys to Andrew's Success

Andrew's journey began when he stumbled upon Sabio's Vet Tech program. With no prior experience in software development, he dove headfirst into a world of coding, eager to learn and grow. As he puts it, "Everything here was new to me. Coding was new to me. It was quite a journey."

But Andrew didn't let his lack of familiarity deter him. He saw the potential in software development and the job prospects it could offer. With positive reviews and a solid employment rate, Sabio seemed like the perfect fit. As Andrew recalls, "I liked what I heard. I saw some positive reviews. It was a solid program. And with the employment rate afterwards, I was definitely ready to join."

Join he did, and Andrew's transformative experience at Sabio soon began. He chose the 17-week program but ended up spending a total of five months at Sabio due to unforeseen circumstances. However, he made the most of his time there, immersing himself in the curriculum, collaborating with fellow students, and honing his coding skills.

When it came time to embark on the job search, Andrew didn't hold back. He applied to hundreds of positions, understanding that the key to success was casting a wide net. As he reveals, "If you stop applying and go down to zero, you're not going to get any jobs. You've dropped all the work you've done at Sabio."

Andrew's persistence paid off as he started receiving interview requests. Even though some interviews didn't lead to offers, he kept his spirits high, understanding that rejection was a part of the process. He advises fellow bootcamp students, "Rejection's going to come. Don't let it destroy you. Don't let it bring you down. Keep applying. There are lots of competition and lots of companies out there. You'll get something, just keep going." With this unwavering determination, Andrew eventually secured a job offer from Booze Allen Hamilton.

Reflecting on his journey, Andrew emphasizes the importance of consistency and an entrepreneurial mindset. He advises aspiring coders to take it one step at a time, understanding that skills develop over time and not to compare themselves to others. He emphasizes, "You're gonna get rejections. You're gonna scroll through your Gmail and see nothing but rejections. But you only need one offer. That's it."

Andrew's inspiring journey from the Marine Corps to software development serves as a reminder that with the right mindset and a commitment to learning, anything is possible. The road may not always be easy, but as Andrew affirms, "Keep pushing and don't let rejection bring you down. Stick with it. You only need one offer."