Dominique found a new and fantastic career path with Sabio

Starting out in human resources, Dominique was looking to do something more fun with her career, "I just wanted a change to something more interesting. I remembered that years and years ago I had designed websites as a hobby, I even did one for my parent's business. Now that my daughter has graduated, I thought now is the time to figure out what I really want to do. I ended up working at Amazon while taking some classes and actually found Sabio when I was looking at one of the educational benefits they offered employees. I knew I had to try it."

Despite never considering being a software engineer, Dominique took the plunge, "It's funny because I was not good at math. Even with my bachelor's degree in communications, math stressed me out. When I realized that software engineering goes beyond algorithms and I started exploring the different languages, things started making sense to me and I felt less intimidated. I saw that Sabio offered such a versatile amount of classes, HTML, JavaScript, blockchain, I was hooked. I also loved how the Sabio courses were led, you get a little bit of independence but someone is always there to help, whether it's the instructors or people in your cohort."

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Even with being remote, Dominique loved working with her Sabio instructors, "they were very helpful and very very patient! I loved working with Gregorio Rojas (Sabio's Co-Founder & CTO). He's serious at first but once you get to know him you realize that he really does want you to succeed. He's going to be a little hard on you, but it's because you're going into a career where people are going to be hard on you, so it's great training. One of our project leads, Robert, was also very fun and patient. One time we were working through a project and it took over 30 minutes of his help while I was trying to muddy through it all. But he was there helping me which felt really good. I felt like I had more confidence as far as tackling other assignments because of the training I got at Sabio."

Now that she's done with going to both school and Sabio, Dominique is geared up for her future, "I applied recently for the Microsoft apprenticeship program which I found through Sabio. They have a great recruitment program as soon as you're ready to go, you can find a job pretty quickly. You have people who are actually looking for Sabio candidates because it's such a strong program. I even have a certificate in cyber security. That kind of background with the network administration training I got simultaneously with my Sabio certificate makes me a very well rounded job candidate. Now I can do web development from start to finish, front-end to back-end.";

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Dominique also says Sabio has changed her whole attitude, "Now, I'm very optimistic about my future, just based on this preparation. Even though I haven't finished my training yet, I do feel confident by the end that I will be a very viable candidate. Sabio also made me feel more confident and adventurous in trying to tackle big projects. Now I'm trying things I never thought I'd do just based on what I learned at Sabio, especially because I know they'll be there to help and answer any questions. Sabio is such a positive experience that I would recommend it to anyone interested in this path. Plus, the makeup of how things are now, there is so much remote work and software development jobs out there. Going this route is a no-brainer and one of the best choices someone can make."

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