From marketing to full-time developer, Chris got a clear path thanks to Sabio

Sabio Alumni Chris Developer Profile

Originally from Orange County, CA, Chris’s path wasn’t always in coding, “I actually started out with a degree in business marketing, which lead to digital marketing, and that’s where I first gained exposure to the more tech side of things. We worked a lot with websites, HTML, SEO, things like that. And while there’s nothing wrong with marketing, after a while I wanted to try something else. I have a good deal of friends in development, which kind of steered me in that direction.”

It was then that Chris heard of coding bootcamps, “I definitely looked at a lot of schools. I saw a handful in LA that looked good. It’s a big investment, and you’re spending a lot of money on this program. I checked out Hack Reactor, General Assembly, Learning Fuze and went to all their info-sessions, but Sabio stood out to me the most. The fact that you get to work on a real-world project which none of the other

bootcamps allowed you to do, this seems like the better route for me. Then spending all that time and money on a bootcamp that just teaches you things but you don’t get to really apply it towards something.”

While at Sabio, Chris buckled down to take in as much as he could, “It was a LOT of learning and a lot of hard work. Ultimately, it’s whatever you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. They provide you with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to choose to the right route as opposed to learning by yourself. My cohort was super tight-knit. No one tried to exclude each other since we’re all going through this together, we all had to stick together. Getting to know them was actually really fun.”