Jack Launches His New Company Employing Tech Skills Secured At Sabio

Sabio Alumni and Veteran Jack

Originally from a suburb of Chicago, Jack joined the Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant, eventually becoming a Captain. While stationed at Camp Pendleton, he began to see the struggles that military families experience during their re-location: “The military relocates â…“ of their service members every 18 to 36 months; that’s a million people if you include the families. I noticed a substantial recurring problem, and I wanted to see if I could solve that.”

Jack launched his startup Relobase in 2014 and had immediate success. But, overall, Jack had a difficult time communicating with his developers: “At the end of the day, Relobase was a tech company, and I needed to know what technology stack we were using and how we were leveraging it. I went to Sabio to gain a better understanding of how developers think and communicate.”

In 2017, Jack enrolled in Sabio, keeping to a rigorous schedule while balancing Sabio’s full-stack program and running Relobase simultaneously: “If you’re doing something that you’re passionate about and you enjoy it, it certainly makes it all much easier.”

For Jack, “Sabio gave me the opportunity to manage. You can’t just get this stuff from reading a book, you have to put your hands on a keyboard and go through practicing the craft. Through Sabio’s unique teaching style, I got the opportunity to understand the language of computer programming, which led me to get a management position at a tech company that I otherwise would not have obtained.”