Sabio Grad Scores Tech Job and Launches App Upon Graduation

Richie Navy Vet Developer

Feeling stuck in your job? You’re not alone, 51% of employees feel stuck at work, and back in 2016, Richie was one of them. A Navy veteran, Richie spent his years of service as a nuclear mechanical operator, operating reactors aboard aircraft carriers. But going from that to the private sector life was no easy leap. After dwindling in a few jobs, Richie found himself in a quarter life crisis, it was then that he found out about coding bootcamps.
“I started doing research on it,” Richie remembered, “I went to an info session, met Vic, it was kind of an eye opening experience. Just the possibilities of going to school for three months and being able to leave with a new skill set and probably a job. He told me it’s not going to be easy and didn’t even really try to sell it to me, just gave me the information which was really cool. I didn’t feel pressured into anything.”

It was Sabio’s overall feel that made Richie choose to attend, “I looked at a couple other ones in

SoCal, just to compare and contrast, but what really resonated with me was how much Sabio seemed to care about me and every person individually, as opposed to seeing us as a big group to take money from. I read that in the comments and reviews, then experienced it first hand. I knew I wouldn’t get lost in the numbers like how I felt in the military.“

When it came to actually attending Sabio, Richie loved the challenge, “it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done even after going to school for the military and learning nuclear science. It’s really easy to be told what to do in the military, but with Sabio they give you the opportunity to try and do things, create things. I had to really buckle down, put in the effort, put in the time. And with my instructor Jeremy Ramos, he was there to help me out the whole way. I felt particularly connected to him being a former veteran as well, he understood what it was like coming from a mindset of being given orders all the time to being self-motivated.”


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