Wendy Became a Programmer at a Prestigious University

Sabio Alumni Wendy

Even as a small child, Wendy Maldonado’s intense curiosity has always subconsciously propelled her to regularly fortify her cognitive skills. In contrast to the proverb, “It was curiosity that killed the cat,” an obvious maxim used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation for a time long past, Wendy’s approach to life has always been unconventional and forward thinking for a time in desperate need of constant adaptation to a world rapidly reinventing itself. As a child, her interest in computers coincided with the emergence of the World Wide Web. In the late ’90s, Wendy pushed herself to make another technical leap when she began teaching herself to design websites about her favorite hobby at the time, skateboarding. The hours she spent on the Internet searching for answers to the millions of questions driving change were not wasted.

“I used to spend hours playing around with GeoCities and other user-created web page tools, just to see what I could build and how I could add graphics and different colors,” Wendy recalled.

Wendy satisfied her creative outlook studying liberal arts at Citrus College. Wendy earned her Associate of Arts degree, but soon realized real artistic endeavors weren’t going to pay the bills. Always thinking ahead, she reasoned with her practical side and applied those critical thinking skills of hers to the task. Academia did not accurately convey the landscape of the real world. At the time she was also interested in traveling. Not wasting any time, Wendy joined the U.S. Air Force.


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