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20 Weeks - 2 Days Per Week

Total Contact Hours With Instructor:
  • 336 hours over 20 Weeks
Training Program Schedule:
  • 16.5 Hours in class Two days Per Week
Homework Hours Outside of Contact Hours
  • 10 Hours Per Week, 200 Hours During Program
Total Student Commitment:
  • 480 Hours

24 Week Program - Nights & Saturday

Total Contact Hours With Instructor:
  • 336 classroom hours over 24 Weeks
Training Program Schedule:
  • 14 Hours in class Per Week
    8 Hours on Saturdays, 6 Hours During Week
Homework Hours Outside of Contact Hours
  • 6 Hours Per Week, 144 Hours During Program
Total Student Commitment:
  • 480 Hours

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  • 1.

    Front-End Development

    This course focuses on ensuring students are competent in developing cross-browser applications targeting both desktop and mobile clients. The following web languages will be covered:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript with a heavy emphasis on ReactJS, jQuery and Bootstrap 4.x
    • Asynchronous client side programming
  • 2.

    Back-End Development

    This course focuses on the following:

    • Principles of Object-Oriented Design
    • Basic Caching Strategies
    • Popular Design/Architectural Patterns
    • ASP.Net / .Net Core
    • WebApi 2.x
    • Inversion of Control or IoC
    • RESTFUL Architectures
  • 3.

    Database Development

    Data stores are part of most applications. This course concentrates student efforts on relational database systems but also touches on other systems

    • Database Design and Architecture
    • Key Table design considerations
    • Query Structure and Optimization
    • Stored Procedures
  • 4.

    Source Control

    No development environment is complete without having a source control solution in place. This course covers the current popular providers and how to interact with them to facilitate daily activities. (Git & TFS)

    • Synching local environments
    • Merging conflicts
    • Checking-in new code
    • Shelving or submitting pull requests
    • Overview of branching strategies
  • 5.

    Development Environments, Platforms, Back-End Languages, and Tools

    This course focuses on the following:

    • Microsoft Sql Server 2018
    • Microsoft Sql Azure – Cloud Implementation of a Relational Database
    • Visual Studio 2018
    • MS Sql Server Management Studio 2018
    • .Net/C# / .Net Core
    • Package Managers: Yarn and NPM
    • Debugging
    • Variety of Random Developer Tools
  • 5.

    Other Computer Science

    This course with cover

    • Big O
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithm Classification


  • What are the prerequisites to joining?

    We would like to have you complete a free online coding class.

    It can be an HTML/CSS class, or an Intro To JavaScript Course, or a Python course.

    Free online classes can be found here.

  • Program Objectives
    • Students will be able to apply key principles of systems analysis and design to selected business processes within the organization in order to implement effective information systems. (BSA — Business Systems Analysis)

    • Students will be able to design and develop key database structures meeting selected business requirements for effective storage and retrieval of information. (DBM —Database Management)

    • Students will be able to explain implementation, integration and maintenance for IT applications to support selected business processes. (INT — Integration)

    • Students will be able to explain information systems security that will comply with key requirements of accepted industry standards to support and improve the security of an organization’s systems. (ISS — Information Systems Security)

    • Students will be able to design and develop computer programs using standards promoted by the Association of Software Professionals (ASP) to promote the quality and effectiveness of programs. (PRG — Programming)

    • Students will be able to design and develop a website using selected professional web design principles and standards to facilitate the professional appearance of an organization. (WEB — Web development)

  • Languages Covered

    HTML- 15% / CSS

    JavaScript- 35%

    C#- 20%

    RDMS/T-SQL- 20%

    Have questions or need more info?
    Email join@Sabio.la or call (213) 394-6142.

  • How do I get accepted?

    Our application process is streamlined:

    1. Apply

    Our application is a vetting process that we have put in place to ensure that there is an appropriate match to our culture and that your determination and commitment to the training meets our standard.

  • What are the payment options?

    We have two options:


    We have set up a Financing option with our partners Skills Fund and Sallie Mae

    • The application process is simple, but you must still apply for acceptance

    • There is a deposit due upon registration when you sign up, followed by three low monthly payment plans of your choosing

    Not Financed

    • Your balance is due within 30 days of the start of your group. We are willing to work with you.

    • All major credit cards are accepted.

  • What is the cost and what do I get?


    Price includes:

    • Non-refundable registration fee of $249, the maximum allowed by state law

    • Parking

    • In addition to be taught by an incredible instructor, during the week you will have access to Sabio's CTO, Gregorio Rojas, and to our other awesome Senior Instructors.

    • You will also have assistance via Slack, Zoom Video Conference and in-person office hours.

    • Access to the Sabio Developer Network

  • What are the start dates?

    Saturday September 14, 2019 and October 12, 2019

    Have questions or need more info? Email join@Sabio.la or call (213) 394-6142.

  • Location

    Downtown LA, Sabio DTLA

    777 S. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90230

    Have questions or need more info? Email join@Sabio.la or call (213) 394-6142.

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