Coding Bootcamps with Great Results

Coding bootcamps give you access to expert instructors and an organized lesson plan so you can learn software development in the shortest time possible (usually two to three months if you take a full-time schedule). Bootcamps provide a nice middle ground between learning to code completely on your own (difficult and disorganized) and attending university for four years to study computer science which can be expensive and time consuming.  

Many of the best programming bootcamps also provide something that even universities don’t: Job placement services and connections to top tech employers. Sure, universities have career services, but that doesn’t compare to a coding bootcamp that specializes only in helping their tech graduates get hired for coding jobs. So that’s another big advantage that bootcamp grads benefit from, and that makes coding bootcamps worth it for a lot of people! 

Below is a list of coding bootcamps that have great results all around in 2022. 



The Sabio curriculum prepares students for entry-level developer jobs by including a real-world project for a client and 4 weeks of career support and guidance. Students also get 6-12 weeks of instructor-led pre-work before starting the intensive bootcamp. All students have access to Sabio's extended mentorship and their professional development program for five years. Sabio instructors have over 100 years of combined professional software engineering experience. Their commitment to small classrooms and expert instruction gives students an edge when competing in the job market. 

FlatIron School 

Flatiron School offers several popular programming bootcamps that train participants in coding, cybersecurity, and data science. Flatiron School provides both online and in-person bootcamps, as well as full-time and self-paced options that give students the flexibility to select a course that fits their schedule. Full-time bootcamps take students 15 weeks to complete.Flatiron School is committed to increasing diversity in the tech industry and offers scholarships for students who belong to groups currently underrepresented in the field of computer programming. 


Coding Dojo  

Coding Dojo provides bootcamps for software development, cybersecurity, and data science. You do not need previous coding experience to qualify and bootcamps take as little as 12 weeks to complete. Coding Dojo focuses on offering a hands-on learning experience and aims to develop coding skills that span a variety of common programming languages. Unlike some other programming bootcamps, Coding Dojo students gain lifetime access to its career services. Coding Dojo reports an 89% placement rate (within the first six months) and an average starting salary of $72,325 for its graduates. 

Fullstack Academy  

Fullstack Academy specializes in providing software engineering, data analytics, and cybersecurity bootcamps. Students learn full-stack JavaScript and focus on developing strong collaboration skills through group projects. Fullstack Academy also offers a "Master's Series" for boot camp participants. The series consists of events intended to strengthen a student's understanding of advanced computer science concepts and best practices in the tech industry. Additionally, Fullstack Academy's career success team offers interview prep, networking opportunities, resume help, and negotiation tips to bootcamp participants. 

Byte Academy  

 Byte Academy offers two coding bootcamps. One caters to professionals looking to hone their web development skills and focuses on using the Python coding language. The other program focuses on data science and machine learning. Byte Academy offers an income share agreement for qualifying students. Byte Academy works with SpryteLabs to give students access to real-world experiences and internship opportunities. Participants also benefit from Byte Academy's unique personal tutoring system that uses artificial intelligence to monitor assignments and student progress. 


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