Embracing the Climb: A Leader's Growth Mindset Journey

As the CEO of a technical training program - Sabio School of Software Engineering, fostering a growth mindset is more than just philosophy; it's the bedrock of everything we do here. We champion the belief that anyone can learn to code, not just tech prodigies born with a computer in your crib.  In my leadership role, I continuously strive to expand my technical horizons. This past week alone, I delved into the world of AI video editing tools and embarked on a cybersecurity course, complete with tests and all, I scored above 80%, btw.

But why is cultivating a growth mindset so crucial? It boils down to embracing the journey, not just the destination. Those with a fixed mindset view abilities as static, leading to fear of failure and stagnation. Conversely, a growth mindset sees challenges as opportunities, mistakes as stepping stones, and effort as the key to unlocking potential. This empowers individuals to persevere in the face of obstacles, embrace learning, and ultimately achieve goals they once deemed impossible.

So, how can we encourage this transformative mindset in ourselves and others? Here are three key steps:

1. Celebrate effort, not just outcomes.

When praising achievements, emphasize the hard work and dedication invested, not just the end result. This shifts the focus from showcasing inherent talent to highlighting the power of growth and learning. Many people call this "doing the work", and they are right!

2. Reframe challenges as opportunities to learn.

Encourage a view of mistakes and setbacks as valuable learning experiences. Create a safe space for open discussions and analysis of errors, promoting a collaborative learning environment. I scored 50% on some of my cybersecurity lessons, I took that opportunity to double down on concepts that were newer to me, and ultimately, passed every test with an 80% or higher.

3. Embrace lifelong learning.

Model the behavior you want to see. Share your own learning pursuits, whether it's a new technical skill or a personal hobby. Demonstrate that learning is a continuous process, enjoyable, and relevant at any stage of life. In today's environment, we have so many tools like Zoom, Lu.Ma and Podcast to help us learn new topics, we are living in amazing times.

By embodying and promoting a growth mindset, we create a culture of resilience, continuous improvement, and ultimately, success. Remember, the journey towards mastery is a mountain to be climbed, not a plateau to be reached. Let's grab our metaphorical picks and axes, celebrate the ascent, and inspire others to join us on the exciting climb towards limitless potential.

Here are two free tools to help you on your journey:

Join us for a Live Coding Workshop with an amazing Instructor: https://lu.ma/u/sabio

Being Coding Via a Free Course, which can be completed at your own pace, own schedule: https://sabio.la/free-coding-courses

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