Pierre Launched Tech Career Thanks to Sabio Coding Bootcamp

Starting off in the Marine Corps, Pierre is no stranger to a challenge, “I began mainly digging cable trenches and dealing primarily with telephones and voice protocol phones. But I was able to work with the administrators, learn what they did and ended up getting out of the Marine Corps as a system administrator. I did that for two years, but I was just getting bored with the whole aspect of maintaining things and waiting for stuff to break. I quit my job and went back to school, but started also looking for bootcamps that were covered by the GI Bill. That’s how I found Sabio and after talking to Liliana Monge (Sabio’s Co-Founder and CEO,) I learned that through Vettec I could basically do the whole thing for free. I knew I had to take a chance and do it.”

However, it wasn’t just the price tag that got Pierre hooked, “One of my friends is friends with the owner of Hackreactor, so he really pushed me on that. But I got this feeling from Sabio that they really cared which I did not get from Hackreactor. At the Sabio orientation I met one of the instructors, Jack Nehme and I felt really comfortable working with him. The other big draw of Sabio was that you get hands on experience with . I didn’t know it then, but my cohort would end up working on a project for the city of Los Angeles which was really fortunate.”

Even though he didn’t know how to code, Pierre wasn’t nervous, “I think a lot of people believe that to be a good programmer you need to know math or be the smartest Harvard dropout like Zuckerberg, but that’s really not the case. Sabio takes folks who know little or no web application knowledge and turn them into professional developers. I mean, I love my job now and I’m making 50k more a year off the bat, this is like a dream come true to me. But it wasn’t simple, I definitely worked very hard and really wanted it. I think that’s pretty much key to being successful at Sabio, you’ve got to really put in your time and you’ll get out what you deserve.”

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