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Sabio Women Code Initiative Announcement

Preparing women to enter the tech workforce post-pandemic with Sabio Women Code Initiative

By: Marissa Goldenstein

Problem: Women are being left behind

The Sabio Women Code Initiative was created to help women get back into the workforce post-pandemic. The American economy is slowly starting to recover, but women are being left behind. During this "she-cession", employment rates of women went from an all-time high of 75% to 7%. Women lost all the jobs in December, while men gained jobs.

Latina and Black women have been hit especially hard, in part because many of them work in the industries that have struggled the most (ie. retail, leisure, and hospitality). Most of these jobs are not easily made remote, so employees have had to decide between prioritizing their income and their health. Additionally, with schools being closed and kids stuck at home, women took on more burden with full-time parenting and facilitating online learning. This was extreme for women in minorities, who are more likely to be single moms.

Opportunity: Help women get back in the workforce in more lucrative and secure careers.

Sabio Women Code Initiative aims to help women transition into tech careers. Here at Sabio, we are passionate about helping women get jobs in the technology industry. Tech jobs are steadily growing, high paying, and logistically flexible (ie. remote). Our program aims to turn anyone with passion and motivation into software engineers within 3-6 months.

We offer a supportive environment that fosters community and instills confidence in our graduates. We have trained 200 women, who now have successful tech careers. Most women who come through our program have never considered a career in tech and we are committed to helping women realize their career potential in this industry. 

Why a career in tech?

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a software engineer:

  • Vast opportunities in a fast growing industry
  • Higher paying (the median salary of our graduates is $72,500)
  • Flexible logistics (remote work)
  • Upward trajectory in career
  • Working at large and established companies  
  • Fun and fast paced projects

We acknowledge that there may be barriers to entry for women as they consider our program. For example, they have to commit 3-6 months of their lives to training and they must bring motivation, focus, and energy. However, Sabio provides a unique and personalized experience that is supportive and centered around each student. We offer this support through the training, recruitment process, into the career and beyond. We care about our graduates. In fact, we offer a deferred payment plan that allows students to wait on paying a cent until they receive their first job. Additionally, we offer a generous scholarship for all women who enter our program. We believe women can make a difference in tech and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to make the switch. 

Sabio is committed to upskilling and reskilling women to help them succeed as they enter back into the workforce. If you are a business leader, philanthropic leader, or someone with a mission that aligns with ours, let’s connect. 


Together, we can write the history of what women employment will look like in 2021 and beyond.

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