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Tech Career Pathways

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Imagine your Future

After graduating from Sabio, there are two tech career pathways you could take...
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Path #1

Become a Software Engineer

The first tech career path is the most common: become a software engineer. With this career, you will design apps, products, or technology solutions to solve problems and help people. You might work on something that is more client- focused (like developing software that meets the clients needs) or you might work on something that is more user-facing (like working directly with people, systems or services).

As a software engineer, you will work with data scientists, designers, senior systems architects, development teams, and senior management teams.

As your career progresses, you may become a Senior Staff Engineer, Engineering Manager, Senior Systems Architect, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Director of Engineering, or something else! This first tech career path of software engineering is filled with options.

Women working on a computer in a tech workspace
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Path #2

Become a Tech Entrepreneur

The second tech career path is just as cool: become a tech entrepreneur. With the knowledge you will have gained at Sabio, you will have new skills for tackling big problems with tech. Maybe you have always had an idea for a product or service that could change the world. After your time at Sabio, you will have the confidence and skills to take that idea and create it.

If you're already a tech entrepreneur, you could leverage your new knowledge to enhance your products and services. For example, you may want to use your knowledge to build a stronger website to support your products and services.

Joining Sabio means joining the Sabio community. Sabio has a strong network that will connect with you others and help you reach your goals, whatever they might be.

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