How to Choose A Coding Bootcamp That Is Right for You

Are you interested in coding? Would you like to launch a stable career in the tech industry? Labor Statistics project that the computer and information technology industry will see more than half a million new jobs in the next decade. Programming boot camps have become popular training programs in recent years, especially because they allow students to do a shorter, more intensive learning program of software development and tech skills.

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Developers are just one of the fantastic careers a coding Bootcamp grad could seek, working as the creators of the websites and apps we all use every day. So how do you choose the perfect coding bootcamp for you?


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What are my career goals?

Just like information traveling through your computer, our brains can quickly learn the needed skills and graduate from coding school. You will then have to choose which technical career in the industry you want to specialize in. Most coding boot camps focus on a particular skill set while teaching all of the other foundational programming techniques.


The most common career goal is to work and find success in web development and software engineering. However, other careers involving cybersecurity and jobs involving data science are just as relevant and readily becoming available. A career goal can even be geared towards the areas of user experience or user interface (UX/UI) design.


No matter what direction your career takes, it's always important to recognize the motivation for learning to code in the first place. It truly matters what your goals are in the long run. Do you want to work for a startup or a larger, more established company? Do you want to start your own business? 

Which coding language do I want to learn?

Full-time boot camps can last about three to four months, and you truly have to commit a great deal of your time and energy, because these courses are usually very intensive. Part-time courses can last even longer than six months but are a little less invasive on your time. So it is vital to find what coding language you want to learn and master.


When choosing a boot camp, it's good to know that coding boot camps don't always specialize in the same programming languages. In fact, boot camps within the same technical discipline may teach different programming languages entirely. It's always best to first choose a programming language you want to learn, and this is the first step that can help steer your career in the right direction. 

Does this align with my career goals?


When researching coding boot camps, pick a program that aligns with your ultimate goals. Most programming boot camps have an online curriculum you can go through. Carefully examine what each separate Bootcamp covers and determine whether the tools, skills, and language taught align with your career goals.

Online vs. in-person coding Bootcamp

Some students prefer a more in-person social way of learning. Others appreciate the accessibility of online programs. Whichever learning style is best for you depends heavily on your personal life and situation. During the pandemic, these online boot camps have improved and expanded to allow the person to learn skills wherever they may be. 


Where do I want to attend coding Bootcamp?

After you decide what technical discipline and programming language you prefer. You can finally start researching specific boot camps online or in your area. Some of the online e-learning platforms require log-in at a particular time. So consider what will suit your needs and daily schedule best. 


Things to look for when making your decision

Unlike many accredited college courses, coding boot camps don't share information the same way. However, many boot camps track this data and publish the information on their websites. If a boot camp provider doesn't publish student outcome information online, you can always attempt to contact them directly.


What companies are the alumni working at?

Find out what kind of companies graduates have worked for, and ask if their boot camp partners with any companies to help with job placement after graduation


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What is the average alumni salary?

Research the average salaries of the Bootcamp students who have graduated and found a career in tech. Give yourself a set goal and get a glimpse of your possible financial future before making any decisions


What does the coding Bootcamp cost?

Just like earning a college degree, a boot camp's cost is a promising investment for your future. Consider your budget and how you intend to pay for your training. Bootcamps can come with lower beginning educational costs compared to a traditional degree program and even have financial perks that come with them. Based on data collected by BestColleges, the average coding Bootcamp tuition was over $13,000 in 2020.


Keep your eyes open for specific cost-efficient specialty programs that might be perfect for you, like free coding courses and deferred payment coding Bootcamp.


Scholarship opportunities

Help is on the way! Consider your financial budget and how you intend to pay for your chosen program. Bootcamps usually offer a variety of payment options in case you can't pay in one lump sum. Some also provide financial aid in the form of scholarships and include programs dedicated specifically for Coding Bootcamp for veterans and women in tech. Many partner with loan providers to offer loan options tailored for ambitious Bootcamp students ready to start a career in tech.


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