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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Jameel's Success Story

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Jameel's Success Story
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Jameel went to Sabio and is now a Software Engineer with a 6-Figure Salary

Jameel went to Sabio and is now a Software Engineer with a 6-Figure Salary

After Sabio I worked for a venture capital firm as a software engineer, it was like a six figure salary. Definitely a huge jump.

Q: What made you go from the Marines to a tech career?

I kinda found out about tech through a friend of mine. When I walked into his office, and saw his workplace, it was like something I've never seen before. Bright colors, he worked at a startup, free food, and all sorts of really awesome stuff. I remember asking him, "Don't you need to type really fast while working for a company like this?" He started typing in front of me without looking at the keyboard and I was like, "ok, this is gonna be a a super long journey for me."

Q: Why did you decide to learn to code?

I left in 2012 and then got a college degree around 2014, and then did a series of career changes until I stepped into tech. I was really close to starting law school and I came across a book called "Quit Law and Code" written by William Haw. There are a couple tenants from that book that stood out, essentially like time and return of investment. In a shorter time period you can have a higher ROI going through tech versus law school and becoming a lawyer. Realized the underlying principle is logic, and so I could kinda pull on that thread there and use it towards coding.

Q: Why did you choose Sabio?

I had an array of bootcamps in mind, I was particularly interested in the ones that recognized the GI bill. I live pretty close to Sabio's Culver City location, it seemed like a perfect fit proximity wise, veterans benefits-wise. There was a lot of pre-work involved. I remember just day to day just being heads down learning the lessons and trying to learn as much as I can.

Q: What was your cohort like?

We were a pretty fun bunch, we were pretty close to each other. There were a couple other veterans in there, I think our instructor was a marine veteran himself so it was like a very close-knit cohort. You know like end of the week we would celebrate, I still have that slack group open and able to connect with all of them if I wanted to.

Q: What job do you have now?

After Sabio I worked for a venture Capital firm as a software engineer behind the scenes for Google when it was first coming out. After moving forward from there I found a role building engineering teams for a company called Zencaster, it's been awesome, it's a fully remote company. Like 75% of our team has a PHD, super talented folks, and it's been quite the journey here.

Q: How does Sabio help you get a job?

You know the things that I learned while at Sabio, I was able to leverage them, it helps me do the work that I'm doing here, gave me a really good coat of understanding of how some of these things work. Makes me less intimidated, wanted to dive into things. From there I used it as a step to come into this world of technology and it's been a wonderful introduction into this world and having Sabio help me with that.

Q: How did Sabio help you as a veteran?

They were super helpful, you know I got an opportunity to start leading veteran technical workshops after I graduated. during the pandemic I started a sort of side business as well. I've been hosting these online hackathons for veterans over this metaverse which Sabio has been really supportive of, they've been a sponsor for our previous hackathon and the one before that as well. They plan to be a future partner it seems like. It works off of really cool spacial technology and so when you're close to somebody you can hear them and if you're far away they're more faint. There's like private audio zones and you can bring in shared screens to make it feel like it's an interactive google meets or zooms. It's very dynamic because it's like a global audience now. Our last hackathon was on the topic of helping the folks in Ukraine. We pulled a lot of different folks from all over the world into our community here. Sabio has been super supportive.

Q: Did your salary increase after graduating from Sabio?

Yes it has, most definitely. I did like uber and like other sort of "pee in the bottle" jobs I guess. I mean right off the bat where I worked my first job at Jump Investure, a venture Capital firm. It was like a six figure salary, definitely a huge jump. It was definitely interesting to see what you're capable of. Shout out to Zencaster for letting us use their software. We are hiring so if you're looking for a new role then hit me up. Yeah if you're a veteran check our hackathons out, called "Fall in," just type in vets hackathon on google, you'll find us. Super appreciative that Sabio's been supportive of these hackathons as well.

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