Cyber Security vs. Web Development: Which Career Path to Follow?

Cybersecurity and web development are two massively growing fields in the tech industry. However, these fields are quite different and involve entirely different roles and responsibilities. This can make choosing a career between them quite tricky. 

The decision is a bit easier if you have plenty of information about both career paths. That is why this guide will break down both careers and highlight their differences. With a guide like this, you can make a more informed decision. 

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What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity involves anything that helps protect computers and computer systems from threats. This usually involves looking for threats, responding to them, and finding new ways to protect the system from them. It also involves keeping an eye on the current cybersecurity landscape, as the very nature of digital threats is constantly evolving and changing. 

Jobs in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become more cyrtical and more diverse as the years have passed. Society relies more on computers and other technology than in the past. So, threats are coming from more places, and cybercriminals are looking for more vulnerabilities. 

Some jobs focus on monitoring and maintaining computer systems. Critical infrastructure security does its best to protect infrastructure from attacks. When attacks take place, it does its best to respond to them. 

Application security, network security, and cloud security are all about prevention. Each looks for different ways to protect their respective systems from threats. This involves looking for the threats and responding to them. 

Cybersecurity Job Responsibilities

Jobs in cybersecurity will vary in their specific responsibilities. For example, a job focused on protecting a system against attacks will require knowledge about how attacks work and what type of software can be used to fight against them. Meanwhile, a job focused on testing the current system will be more focused on being aware of possible vulnerabilities and how these vulnerabilities are exploited. 

Education for Cybersecurity

Most jobs in cybersecurity will require a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, with computer science being the top choice. A master’s degree is not required but will be helpful when it comes to looking for a job. 

However, obtaining a cybersecurity job without a degree is possible. This typically requires time spent in a career tangentially related to cybersecurity or one that has provided experience directly related to cybersecurity. Certifications and completion of coding bootcamps help with this as well. 

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What Is Web Development?

Web development is about making just about anything work online. This includes creating websites and applications that use the internet to function. 

Web development is typically split into two categories: front-end and back-end. Front-end is the portion of the website that the user sees. It is the part that is made to look good, and that facilitates interactions. Meanwhile, the back-end is the nuts and bolts of the website. It is required for the site to function at all.

Jobs in Web Development

Imagine how many different websites exist and how much takes place online now. You can use the internet to check a website, stream videos, make a video call, and even keep the software in your fridge or car up to date. This reliance on the internet has created a diverse range of web development jobs. 

Most jobs in web development are on the technical side of things. This includes the actual development and creation of websites. However, it also includes other things. For example, database administration is an integral part of any website that uses a database. This can be essential in keeping data, using it, and securing it. 

Jobs like mobile app development and user experience design are also important. These impact how the user interacts with the internet itself. Ensuring this interaction provides a positive experience is essential to these jobs. 

Some jobs in web development are less focused on technical details. Graphic design concerns itself more with visuals. This is where a website's flashy visuals and creative art will come from. However, even these positions need an understanding of how websites work to create graphics that will work on them. 

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Web Development Job Responsibilities

Almost all web developers are responsible for creating elements of a website. However, the exact responsibilities of a web developer will vary depending on their job. 

For example, some are concerned explicitly with coding. They need an in-depth understanding of the programming languages that go into websites. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more

Others may need more specific skills. A mobile app developer will need a more robust understanding of mobile operating systems. Meanwhile, a graphic designer will have to be competent in graphic design software. 

Education for Web Development

Most jobs in web development require an associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s degree as the starting point. However, more advanced degrees are always helpful. 

Like cybersecurity, getting a job in web development without a degree is also possible. In fact, it may even be easier to do this in web development. However, the importance of coding and information around web development is even more important. So, a coding bootcamp may provide a pathway to a job in this case.  

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Cybersecurity or Web Development? 

Cybersecurity and web development are both great careers. They both pay well and are expected to rise in importance in the future. With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with either choice. 

So, you should make your decision based on which career appeals to you more. If you want to create things that will go online, you should consider a career in web development. If you are interested in the ongoing battle against online threats, a job in cybersecurity may be more suited for you. 

In addition, it is worthwhile to consider that getting into a web development job is slightly easier. This is particularly worthwhile to consider for anyone who doesn’t have a degree in a relevant field.

Cybersecurity vs. Web Development

Cybersecurity and web development both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Weighting these against each other will let you know which career is better for you. Once you have done this, you will know which path to follow. 

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