Data Science vs. Web Development: Which One Should You Choose?

Current and future trends are creating more interest in a few tech careers. The rise of artificial intelligence and emerging data uses drive interest in data science. Meanwhile, the increasingly online nature of society and the increasing reliance of all technology on the internet is building interest in web development. 

With these two hot careers on the horizon, you may be wondering which one is the best to get involved with. After all, if you are going to jump into one, you want to make the best choice, right? Keep reading this article, and you’ll find information to guide you down the right path. 

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What Is Data Science?

Data science is simultaneously very specific and very broad. It is specific because it only relates to things that deal with data. It is broad because the possibilities for data are nearly endless and only expand in the modern age. 

Data science includes everything that deals with manipulating data. This includes jobs that range from managing databases to training artificial intelligence. In both cases, it seeks to use large repositories of data to achieve a goal. It just happens that the goals are very different, and the way you go about reaching them is similarly different. 

What Is Web Development?

Web development is all about the internet. Everything that requires the internet to run or that is hosted on the internet requires web development to happen. Before a webpage was a webpage, it was an idea in a web developer’s mind. 

A big part of web development is creating websites. However, it also includes managing how a website works, ensuring web-based applications run correctly, dealing with network security, and more. Basically, anything that deals with the internet falls under the umbrella of a web developer’s work. 

What Is Data Science Used For? 

Data science is used a lot, especially nowadays. Its uses extend beyond the world of tech and into nearly every company out there. 

For one, it is used by any businesses that keep records. Examining this data can help reveal trends in customer buying habits or show that a change in operation is necessary. Looking for valuable insights is a big part of data science. 

Data science is also the foundation of search engines. Search engines are essentially looking through a database for the information you need. Making sure this process is fast and helpful requires data science. 

Healthcare has also become interested in data science. There, it can help reveal information that would otherwise be missed. This can help in diagnosing conditions or treating patients. 

Finally, data science is a driving force behind artificial intelligence (AI). AI is built by feeding it tons of information that it uses to “learn.” This information is accessed through complex databases that require data science to function. 

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What Is Web Development Used For? 

Web development is essential for everything that happens online. In this way, almost everyone is reliant on web development every day. 

A big part of web development goes into the user experience. Having a good-looking website that responds well requires solid web development. This has become increasingly important as more and more businesses require websites in order to run. Now, even very small businesses often need a website and a web developer to help them make it. 

Web development is also necessary for the complex operations that take place on a multitude of different devices. Ensuring that your phone, computer, virtual assistant, and intelligent fridge get proper access to the internet is part of web development.

Advantages of Data Science Over Web Development

One of data science's biggest advantages over web development is the pay. Data scientists generally expect to make an average of nearly $100,000 per year. Meanwhile, the average web developer can expect to make an average of a little over $70,000 per year. 

However, it is worth noting that these are ranges. There are web developers who make more than data scientists. This just isn’t the norm, as most data scientists will make more. 

On top of this, job growth in the field of data science is slightly higher. For web development, the job market is expected to grow by around 30% over the next ten years. Data science, it is expected to grow by 36%. While this isn’t a huge difference, it is still worth noting. 

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Advantages of Web Development Over Data Science

The most significant advantage web development has over data science is that it is easier to break into. With enough effort, almost anyone can enter the world of web development. However, to become a data scientist, you need a strong background in math and science, along with a degree of some sort. 

This will be a critical difference for many people. In some cases, all you need to do is take a coding bootcamp, and you’re ready for a career as a web developer. Since coding bootcamps are highly accessible and open to many people, this means becoming a web developer is just as accessible and a possibility to just as many people. 

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Which Is Better: Data Science or Web Development? 

Ultimately, the debate between data science and web development comes down to key factors. 

The first is money. If you are looking for a career that will pay more and don’t care about anything else, data science is the clear winner. You should be aware that the road to this high-paying job won’t be easy. 

If you’re looking to change careers and enter tech, you might not have the time or money to return to school and get a degree. In this case, web development may be the best choice. You can prepare for entering this career alongside your current job and make the entire process work for you.

Data Science vs. Web Development

A career in data science and a career in web development are both viable job choices. However, each job is more suited to people in different situations. By acknowledging this and understanding your own situation, you can pick the job that suits you the best. 

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